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Construction of This website is still in progress. We have released it in this interim form to give all those with an interest in the local history of Southwold the opportunity to comment and contribute.

March 2014


As part of the 2014 Southwold Arts Festival, Southwold Museum and Historical Society present
an illustrated talk by Barry Tolfree on Thursday 3 July 2014 at 11 am in the Methodist Hall, Southwold.
" Southwold & Son: Tales from Southwold's Independent Trading Community a Century ago"
TIckets £4 (£3 SMHS Members)

A full history of Regency House, South Green, now included (17.02.14)

Ferry Road is now on the site.

St Edmund's Road, including Southwold Business Park, is now included.
There are many areas of uncertainty so please help to fill in the gaps and correct mistakes.

New information and memories about the Carter family of Victoria Street

Have you seen our panoramic tours of East Green, North Parade, East Street, Market Place, High Street and
Bartholomew Green

Local photographer, Stephen Wolfenden, has generously given Southwold & Son access to the entire portfolio of photographs from his trio of Southwold books - 'To the Town', 'The Town Revisited' and 'It's that Town Again'. We are adding these to the site a few at a time. So far we have included about 50 images from Stephen's 1988 volume 'To the Town'.

1957 - 1958 Ordnance Survey map provided by

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