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This website will always be a work in progress. Our intention is to to give all those with an interest in the local history of Southwold the opportunity to comment and contribute. Unfortunately, the forum facility which has, until recently, been at the bottom of each page, has been lost as the independent provider has withdrawn the service. We are trying to implement a new forum. Meanwhile please contact with any queries, photos or information.


Ronnie Waters whose researches formed the nucleus of,
and inspiration for this site, died on 2nd February 2015 aged 91.
Read his obituary in The Guardian Online 16 March 201


Auction document for Steley's Store 17 Stradbroke Rd and a recently discovered photo of Stradbroke Road in 1930s

Photo of Winter's sweet shop at 1 Barnaby Green

New information and photos of the Simpson family's hardware shop in Stradbroke Road

1939 photo of the five Doy brothers on the brink of war.

Newly acquired wedding photo of Frederick and Claurene Clarke, No 35 High Street.

Rare photos of the Denny & Jones fire and the rebuilt store in the early 1930s


A boyhood in Southwold between the wars

The rich and sometimes dodgy Wayth family

'The Night the Sea Came' - First-hand memories of the 1953 Floods in Ferry Road

Memories of Mildred Button - Daughter of a Marlborough Road draper during the First World War

Southwold's Rope & Twine Industry

The Wenhaston Millions - Southwold's year of collective delusion

George Gage - The jovial, horse-obsessed landlord of The Crown Hotel by Jenny Hursell

1957 - 1958 Ordnance Survey map provided by

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